Community Development Block Grant Program

Sample CDBG Projects


 Mittauer & Associates, Inc. has more than $100 million worth of CDBG project engineering experience for small municipalities and rural counties. Our grant-funded project experience includes both the State Small Cities Program and the Federal Entitlement Program. We have engineered a wide range of project types including infrastructure improvements such as water, wastewater, roads and drainage projects, as well as community centers and streetscape projects. Call us today - we can help. We have extensive CDBG project experience, and our staff has an excellent working relationship with the Department of Economic Opportunity. We encourage you to call them and discuss the quality of our work. The CDBG Program has many very specific rules and policies. We stay current with these guidelines and work closely with your staff to ensure smooth process.




  • Anna Maria

    Drainage Improvements and Sidewalks

  • Baldwin

    Business District Streetscape Phase I & II Community Center


    Recreational Park


    Senior Citizen Center


    Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements & Lift Station Rehabilitation


    WWTP Improvements


    IGA Grocery

  • Branford

    ED Restaurant  Infrastructure


    WTP, WWTP & Street Improvements

  • Bunnell

    Water & Sewer Extensions


    Reuse System Improvements


    Steel Rail Industrial Park Infrastrcture


    Pump Station No. 1, Force Main


    Paving  Improvements

  • Callahan

    WWTP & WTP Expansions

  • Cedar Key

    Water and WW System Improvements

  • Cinco Bayou

    Eglin Parkway Streetscape

  • Coleman

    Community Center


    Water Treatment Plant


    Drainage System & WTP Improvements

  • Crescent City

    Water Plant Improvements


    Water Main Replacements

  • Fanning Springs

    Wastewater Collection System Extension


    WTP Improvements


    Street Paving

  • Flagler County

    Community Center

  • Glen St. Mary

    Fire Protection System


    New Well, Water Plant & Distribution


    System  Water Main Extensions

  • Fruitland Park

    Water System Improvements

  • Green Cove Springs

    South WWTP Improvements


    Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Groveland

    Economic Development


    Water, Sewer & Street Paving


    Wastewater System Extensions


    Phelps Street Sewer Extensions

  • Hastings

     Economic Development


     WTP & WWTP Improvements


     Water Main Replacement


     Water and Sewer Extensions

  • Hawthorne

    ED Water & Sewer System Extensions


    New elevated water tank and well

  • Hernando County

    Water, Sewer, Street &

    Drainage Improvements

  • Hilliard



    El Nino Drainage Improvements


    Sewer System Rehabilitation


    WWTP Expansion

  • Horseshoe Beach

    Water Transmission Main, Water  System Improvements (Phase I & II)

  • Key Colony Beach

    Drainage System Improvements

  • Lady Lake

    2006-2011 Street Resurfacing & Paving


    Water Treatment Plant  No. 3


    Sewer Extensions

  • Lawtey

    Phase 2 Wastewater Collection & Transmission Facilities

  • Levy County

    Street Resurfacing

  • Mascotte

    Drainage Improvements

  • Moore Haven

    Water Main Replacement

  • Mount Dora



    Wastewater Extension


    Drainage and Water Main Replacement

  • Nassau County

    Water, Sewer & Street Improvements

  • Penney Farms

    New Hope Wastewater System Extension

  • Pomona Park

    Fire Protection System  Phase II

  • Ponce de Leon

    WWTP Improvements


    Water Well No. 3


    WW System Extension

  • Putnam County

    Beck/Sloan Properties

  • Trenton

    WWTP Improvements

  • Waldo

    N 301 Water & Sewer Extensions

  • Welaka

    Water System Improvements

  • White Springs

    25A Sewer Extensions

  • Yankeetown

    WTP Improvements

  • Zolfo Springs

    Water Main Replacements & Drainage    Improvements


    CDBG/EDA/OTTED Public Works Improvements


    Disaster Recovery Initiative Public Works Improvements


    WTP and WWTP Improvements


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